All our Associates are highly skilled in conducting Leadership Assessment work, in partnership with Cognadev. Experience with Cognadev's tools has been honed with thousands of senior executives of multiple clients internationally.


The need for our Leadership Assessment work is stimulated by many situations, including, as examples:

  • identifying current/future leadership capability

  • to inform leadership succession decisions

  • mitigating the risk of external hiring in executive search

  • dealing with underperformance issues

  • post-acquisition senior appointment decisions


Projects are always designed specifically for the team or individuals, though components often included are:

  • industry or market assessments looking at the skills and experience of an executive relative to others operating at the same level 

  • evaluations using psychometrics providing insight into values and behaviours   


We plan and manage these projects carefully to minimise disruption to on-going business, and to ensure absolute confidentiality and sensitivity throughout the process.


Executives assessed receive personal feedback from us and often remark positively on the quality of discussion and advice received.