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Kent Air Ambulance Charity Cycle Ride!

In support of the work of the Kent Air Ambulance service which (incredibly) operates almost entirely on income from public support, we completed a charity ride on the South East Coast!

It's surprising the number of people you come across who have benefitted from the Kent's Air Ambulance Service whenever you spend time down on the South East Coast of England. It's startling though, to learn that the service runs almost entirely on income from public support.

The Air Ambulance Charity was supported by a cycle ride from our members at Hythe Lawn Tennis Club this October, raising significant funds for the charity and promoting awareness of what it does. The charity kindly provided cycling shirts, so we will have to do this on a regular basis from here - good thinking KSS Air Ambulance Charity!

Our top team of riders had been training weeks ahead of the event ...

... and made such good time, they were able to enjoy a beer on the route.

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