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Sports Trust - Charity Auction for Shane Record painting!

LSA now the proud owner of Shane's "painted-in-a-day" masterpiece, completed at the Trust's annual golf tournament at Broome Park, Kent, England.

The highly successful annual golf tournament in aid of the Sports Trust - supporting people of all ages in taking up sport - was held at Lord Kitchener of Khartoum's former residence, Broome Park in Kent, England this year. This gets larger and larger, with 25 teams competing this year and we again sponsored the event.

Painted and auctioned on the day!

This year had added excitement, with Shane Record attending and creating a painting entirely on the day to be auctioned at the event! Shane is well known for his artistry on the south east coast and he is based in Folkestone's Creative Quarter.

Painting filmed for the event

The creation of the painting was filmed for the event and attached here:

The Sporting Trust do great work bringing people together in support - well done guys! Support them here.

P.S a picture of our LSA team, just for the record:

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